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Top 5 ugliest cars ever made

Posted by on December 14, 2017 | 0 Comments

We have a lot of ugly cars made through the years, the questions which of them is the ugliest cars?. Some of them you can really wonder how they could sell it at all. Have to be very good sellers that talked down the customers to like it.
Or people bought it because it was so ugly and got a lot of attention.

I will list some really ugly cars in my opinion. We begin with the 5th and end with the ugliest car ever.


5. Ssangyong Rodius

ugliest cars

Ssangyong Rodius is on the 5th place, This model was released 2004 and got this ugly chassis to 2013 and  It’s surely a good car if you need much space, but the design got a very big miss somewhere in the production. Absolutely a good candidate for the ugliest cars ever.

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4. Pontiac Aztek

ugliest cars

Pontiac Aztek is in the 4th place. Aztek is a GM car from 2001 to 2005. The Americans usually make good looking cars but this time they made something wrong with the front lights and the rear part.

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3. Fiat Multipla

ugliest cars

Fiat Multipla is in the 3rd place. Multipla is a well known ugly car that became kinda popular. I don’t know why you would want to buy a car with this design but someone might like it.

The multipla was made from 1998 till 2010.

The designer was a man from India with the name Rana Anvar Singh. I really want to know if he is still working at Fiat!

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2. Citroen Ami 6

ugliest cars

Citroen Ami 6 is in the 2nd place and it was made from 1961 to 1969. I don’t know how to describe it well but its a really ugly car with bike tires.
The ami 6 was sold a lot in the homeland France and was on the top lists for sold cars. Really strange actually!

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1. Nissan S-Cargo

ugliest cars

Nissan S-Cargo takes the first place with a big competition and was made from 1989-1991, really strange why they didn’t produce it for a longer time, or? The perfect car for the craftsmen that needs to bring the tools, or? 😉

The S-cargo was inspired by the design of the Citroen 2SV, and they really didn’t make it better than the Citroen.
It was equipped with a huge 1.3l 4 cyl petrol engine.

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As you see, it seems like you can make a car with what design you want and still be able to sell it.

If you own one of this vehicles and want to talk about it with us or have some comments about this article you can ask us at out homepage!

Thanks, Comment on what car you think is the ugliest and why 🙂


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