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Best Car Batteries Review in 2018

Posted by on April 14, 2018 | 0 Comments

car batteriesModern cars are getting more and more advanced with a lot of parts that require a lot of electric power. That’s why a good car battery is one of the most important parts of a modern car. A Bad battery can cause a lot of strange problems with your cause and even damage your electric parts.


A car battery may seem like a simple part and it does not matter which battery you choose, that’s totally wrong. Choosing the right battery can save you a lot of time and money. I’m working as a diagnostic technician and I’ve seen a lot of problems in cars caused by a bad/faulty battery.
That is why I decided to write this article. I have listed the top 5 best car batteries in my opinion to buy and I’m answering the most important questions about car batteries.


Because I know the importance of a good battery, I only listed the absolutely best car batteries on the market. You may find car batteries for a much lower price on other sides, but the lifetime of those batteries are much lower and a bad performance. My recommendation is to spend your money wisely and buy quality when you are looking for one of the most important parts of your vehicle.


Best Car Batteries to buy in 2018:

ImageProductAhMore information
optima d35 yellowtopOptima D35 YellowTop
48AhCheck Price on Amazon
optima redtop 34rOptima 34R RedTop50AhCheck Price on Amazon
diehard gp34rDieHard GP 34R AGM55AhCheck Price on Amazon
acdelco 94rACDelco 94R AGM80AhCheck Price on Amazon
ACDelco ACDB24RACDelco ACDB24R AGM45AhCheck Price on Amazon



#5 ACDelco ACDB24R AGM

Rating: 4.4 / 5 stars


The ACDelco ACDB24R is a small battery that is best fit for smaller cars. A pure high-quality AGM battery that is absolutely maintenance free.

You get a 24 months free replacement warranty if you are not satisfied with the battery. The battery is using smaller battery terminals which are often fitted with Asian cars. Make sure that you are using the same terminals before purchase. A really price-worth battery if you are looking for a small battery for your car.


Type: AGM

Amp Hour: 45

Crank Ampere: 390

Size, Inches: 8.8″ x 9.3″ x 4.8″

Negative Terminal Location: Top Right Front

Weight: 37.9

Voltage: 12 volt


Check Price on Amazon



#4 ACDelco 94R AGM

Rating: 4.6 / 5 stars

acdelco 94r

A perfect battery if you are looking for a larger battery than the ACDB24R. This is also an AGM battery with really high power output. With this battery, you will get performance to start the most cars on the market.

With this battery, you get the whole 36 months free replacement warranty which indicates that this is a really high-quality battery.
This battery has the battery terminals mirrored from the ACDB24R ( The most common connections ). It also uses larger terminals ( More common terminals ).


Type: AGM

Amp Hour: 80

Crank Ampere: 1020

Size, Inches: 12.4″ x 6.9″ x 7.5″

Weight: 51.6

Negative Terminal Location: Top Left Front

Voltage: 12 volt


Check Price on Amazon



#3 DieHard GP 34R AGM

Rating: 4.7 / 5 stars

diehard gp34r

If you are looking for a high-performing battery with the size of the batteries mentioned before, this should be your choice. Also, this is a high-quality AGM battery which makes it totally maintenance free.  A perfect mid-sized car battery with high power.

With the DieHard Advanced Gold series, you get a 3 years free replacement warranty. The terminals are “Top Left Front Negative” and fit the most Europe cars like BMW, Audi, Mercedes and Volvo etc. But it does also fit a lot of American cars.


Type: AGM

Amp Hour: 55

Crank Ampere: 775

Size, Inches: 11.6″ x 7.1″ x 13.1″

Negative Terminal Location: Top Left Front

Weight: 44.5

Voltage: 12 volt


Check Price on Amazon

#2 Optima 34R RedTop

Rating: 4.8 / 5 stars

optima redtop 34r

Optima batteries, do I have to say more? Probably the best and most known batteries on the market. With these batteries, your car will start in all weathers. The redtop batteries are often enough for the most cars on the market. It’s small in size and can be fitted to both small and mid-sized cars. This is an AGM battery and you can mount it in which direction you like.

The Optima warranty is 36 months for personal use and 12 months for commercial use. You can also add an Amazon warranty for an additional cost.


Type: AGM

Amp Hour: 50

Crank Ampere: 800

Size, Inches: 10″ x 6.9″ x 7.8″

Negative Terminal Location: Top Right Front

Weight: 37.9

Voltage: 12 volt


Check Price on Amazon



#1 Optima D35 YellowTop

Rating: 4.8 / 5 stars

optima d35 yellowtop

The YellowTop is even better than the Optima Redtop battery. That’s why I decided to rank this car battery at #1 on this list. A small battery that gives a very high power output with a great quality. The top series battery from the probably best battery manufacturer in the world. With these batteries, you will not get disappointed. A very long lifetime which you can save pretty fast from buying cheap car batteries once a year.

With the Yellowtop battery, you get a 36-months personal use warranty and 12 months for commercial use.

You can get these batteries with different battery terminals fittings. Check amazon page for battery alternatives.


Type: AGM

Amp Hour: 48

Crank Ampere: 620

Size, Inches: 9.4 x 6.8 x 7.7

Negative Terminal Location: Top Right Front

Weight: 36.4

Voltage: 12 volt


Check Price on Amazon


Frequently Asked Questions about car batteries:

Q: What size of the battery should I choose?

A: The simplest answer to this is: Check what size of the battery that is fitted in your car now. The most batteries are located under the hood, but some can also be fitted in the trunk or under a seat. Check your repair manual or call your authorized dealer to get a fast answer.

Measure the size: Height, width and length. Also, check if you can find the “Ah” number on the battery.  Often you can fit a little larger battery then the battery fitted from factory, just measure and check if there is enough room.
I do not recommend to fit a smaller battery than the factory battery, because it may not have enough capacity and make strange problems with your car.

Q: How do I know if the battery fits my car?

A: If you are following one of the links to Amazon from this article, you can see a top bar at Amazon’s website where you can choose your car model. But to be 100% it fits. Always check the length, height, width and Ah before ordering a battery.
Also, check the battery terminals. They can have different sizes and be mirrored ( Terminals placed on different sides of the battery ).
Asian cars do often have smaller battery terminals than Europe/America.

Q: What are AGM battery and which are the benefits?

A: AGM is a shortening of Absorbent Glass Mat. The sulfuric acid is absorbed by a fine fibreglass mat, which is making the battery spill-proof.

The benefits of the AGM battery is Maintenance free ( Do not have to fill it ), Higher Performance, Faster Charging time, Vibrations resistance, stands up well to cold temperatures.

As you see, there are many benefits with an AGM battery. The less positive thing with an AGM battery is often that the price is higher and it’s more sensitive to over-charging.

Q: What are Ah and Peak A?

A: Ah is the measurements of the battery in ideal conditions, fully charged. Ah = Ampere Hour. It is the measurement of how many amperes it can put out in one hour full-charged.

Peak A is the measurement of how much Ampere the battery can put out under short times and high-loads.

Q: How to charge my battery the best way?

A: Slow charging with a smart car battery charger is the best way. If you have a smart car battery charger, it will handle it for you. If you want to learn more about this, check our article “How to charge a car battery the best way”. If you want to find the best car battery charger for your car, check out our review article: Car battery chargers.

Q: What is the expected lifetime of a battery?

A: Normally with a good quality battery, the lifetime is around 5 years. I have seen car batteries that have been working over 10 years. The most important part to higher your batteries lifetime is to not let it stand with a low amount of charge. Especially if you are living in a cold country. One night of low temperatures and low charge can kill the battery instantly.

Also, many low-cost batteries have lifetimes of around 2 years. If you are adding the cost of a car battery that has a lifetime of 10 years, the high priced battery is actually cheaper.

Q: My car is draining out the battery of my car, how to fix it?

A: This is a complex question and I’m going to write an article exactly of how to diagnose this later. The short answer is to check you DTC codes and check all door locks and switches. Door locks and switches are a very common problem with battery drainage. If the switch is faulty and the car thinks the door is open but it’s closed, it will lighten up lights and give power to other control units in your car. You can check your trouble codes with an OBD2 scanner, if you are interested in one, you can check it out here: OBD2 scanner tools

Q: Do I have to fill an AGM battery with battery-water?

A: No, The AGM battery is maintenance free and sealed. What you can do is to clean up the battery terminals once a year to make sure the terminals have a good connection. Maintenance charging a battery is always good and may give your car battery a longer lifetime.

Q: Can I safely jump start my old battery?

A: There is always a risk of jump-starting a car. New Jump starters do often have both wrong-polarity protection and overvoltage protection so the risk is very low if you are using the right tools. If you want to read more about jump starters you can check out our other article Battery Jump Starters.
Jump starting with jumper cables is a risk of wrong-polarity, but the overvoltage risk is not there.

Q: How to replace my battery?

A: First you have to locate your battery. The most common location is under the hood, but on some cars, the battery is located in the trunk or under a seat. Check your repair manual to locate your battery.
Make sure you have the Anti-theft radio code as it may be gone within the battery replacement. I do always connect a car battery charger under the battery replacement to prevent any data loss or radio code loss. To find a good car battery charger, check out our post: Best car battery chargers
Always lift the negative battery terminal first, to prevent any sparks ( Which can make the battery explode if it’s leaking ) and connect the positive first on the new battery. Always use protection glasses and gloves when you are replacing a car battery. I have seen one exploded when my colleague replaced a battery, so be very careful.

Q: How can I tell if my old battery is bad?

A: If you have tried to charge your battery several times, but it still sounds tired when you are trying to charge your battery, your battery is probably bad. There are several good battery testers on the market that will tell you if it’s time to replace your battery or not. One of those is the Cartman 12V Car Battery & Alternator Tester.

Q: Why should I remove the negative terminal first?

A: By removing the negative terminal first you will prevent any sparks. If you get a spark and your battery is leaking gas, the battery can explode and cause serious damage. Always use protection glasses and gloves when you are replacing a car battery. I have seen one exploded when my colleague replaced a battery, so be very careful.

Q: Is the temperature outside affecting the lifetime of a car battery?

A: Yes the temperature is a factor of the lifetime of the battery. Especially if your car battery is low in charge often. Car batteries in cold countries do often have a shorter lifetime than batteries in hot countries.

If you have other questions about car batteries, comment at the bottom of the article.



Choosing the right car battery is not a very simple task. I hope you have learned how to find the right battery for your car. I also hope that you understand the importance of a good high-quality battery in your car. Never buy cheap car batteries, it will only cause a headache for you and it will probably get more expensive in the long run.

If you have further questions, comment down below with your questions and I’ll answer them as soon as possible.

If you have other car questions that you want answers for. We have a free service where we answer all car questions for free. You can register and ask us for free at our homepage.

If you liked this article, check out our other free car articles on our homepage. A recommended article of other tools that I recommend, you should see Recommended tools for car owners.


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