We have a 2018 Nissan Sentra SV the cluster glass/plastic was broken. We removed the glass and ordered new glass. Our son who is 3 got into the car and pushed the needle of the tach down below zero. Now it slowly just falls there when the car is off. It still works with revs and on start up but just moves from below zero to zero when idling. You can move the needle to where the rpms are idling at. Then it works fine until you shut off the car, then it moved back down past the zero again. I’m assuming he snapped some type of internal pin? (Older cars you can see the pin) Can we just replace that pin or do we have to replace the whole cluster? As the car is all computer is there some type of a fix?
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I drive a 2012 Dodge Journey which has a big problem with foggy interior windows in the winter only. We have to drive with the defrost on full or we can’t see out. The side windows will often get frosty even with the fan on. Any suggestions?
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