05 Impala won’t start

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I installed a new stereo in my 05 impala and now it won’t start. I put the old stereo back in and it still doesn’t start. it doesn’t click or try to turn over or anything. the lights and radio turn on but none of the instruments move and the message center constantly cycles through the battery, security, low fuel, low coolant, and service engine soon messages.

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  1. Hello

    It sounds like you have blown a fuse to the dash or disconnected a connector by mistake.
    I would start to check the fuses and check for any disabled connectors.


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  2. all the fuses are intact and there doesnt seem to be anything disconnected

  3. If the fuses are OK, connectors OK, ground OK.

    You have to get a multimeter and a wiring diagram then and measure what power is missing to the dashboard and ignition lock on ignition ON.

    A stereo use most of the time only battery power, ignition power, ground and wiring to the speakers.

    So there must be some fuse burned or you accidently short something out. 🙂

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