No Cold-start 1996 Ford Ranger 3.0L V6

My ’96 Ford Ranger 3.0L V6 will not start if it is colder than 45-50 degrees out. I have already replaced the coil pack and the coolant temp sensor(ECT). What else should I check?

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  1. Hello

    Do you have access to an OBD2 code reader? Any trouble codes?

    What you can do if you have a reader, is to check the live data parameters and check the values of all sensors when the engine is cold!

  2. The check engine light will come on for a few days, then shut off for a few days, so I had it checked and the only code that came up was for the purge valve. I keep being told that the purge valve will not cause this issue. Is that true? The refusing to start in the cold issue started in January after that nasty cold snap.

  3. If the purge valve is stuck fully open, it can cause hard starts as it creates a vacuum leak. Next time it does not start, try to block the vacuum hose to the purge valve, just to make sure.

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