Cranks but won’t start.. 2004 mitsubishi diamante

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Okay I have a 2004 Mitsubishi Diamante I bought it about a month ago how drove for two weeks and one morning didn’t want to start so I left it until about father afternoon and it started and after that every day after it is same thing everyday no start then later on that day finally starts so changed the fuel filter still wouldn’t start so change the fuel pump still nothing so waited for the fuel pump relays and change that started it perfect sounds great awesome about two hours later sorted storage perfect starts to sputter and dies won’t start again so we change spark plugs spark plug wires and the whole distributor still nothing no sport nothing so far turns over no fire please I’m out of data and I don’t know what to do now

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  1. Is there any fuel that is going into the engine?
    If it is no spark and no fuel, there could be a problem with the crankshaft or camshaft sensor.

    Any DTC trouble codes?

  2. Yes it’s getting fuel just no fire

  3. Have you checked the ignition coil? Also, check if you get 12v and ground to it!

  4. It doesn’t have an ignition coil that is all in with the distributor.

  5. Which engine do you have?

    Check with a DTC scanner if you can see any RPM’s on the crankshaft sensor when you are cranking it. Also check for any DTC codes

  6. We put it on the little tester thing to check but no codes show up at all

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