Engine Hesitation, C1611 code 201 Hyundai Santa Fe,2.4L

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I have a 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe ,2.4L that periodically (usually once or twice per trip) hesitates when accelerating on the Hwy or going up a hill in town. When this happen the ESC light comes on and the Tachometer stops working. Sometimes it loses power and wont accelerate and I have to pull over and other times I can continue driving. When I turn the engine off for a few seconds everything returns to normal. I had a diagnostic check done and a C1611 code came up. The dealer wants to do a trace on all the wires which could get expensive
Any ideas on what could be causing this issue and what the solution might be
Thank you


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  1. If the tachometer is dying, there could be a problem with the crankshaft position sensor. Isn’t there any other trouble codes stored in the engine control unit or abs control unit?
    C1611 means that there is a CAN message problem

    I know that on earlier santa fe models -07 ~there was a recall for the brake switch sensor for this trouble code. This problem has been to newer santa fe’s also.

    I think this problem needs a good diagnostics from a technician, no fast answers here.

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