Flooded 2016 yukon

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i bought a 2016 yukon  that was flooded by hurricane harvey as a projet.think i got more than i had figured on.can you tell me where the computers are located. i know one is under the hood on the frame. someone told me there are 3. i had it at a mechanic but he could not get computers to link to each other.was thinks maybe replacing other computers.some electrical works lights blinkers , dah lights radio a/c , windows.it has keyless start and will not turn over. i put start button on starter and it turns over.aany suggestions or put it back together ,sell it and take my loss. thanks

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  1. Hello.

    How high up was the water?
    I should start to check all the fuse boxes for water and check inside the connectors. Especially the rear one to the left.

    http://www.autogenius.info/gmc-yukon-2015-2016-fuse-box-diagram/ You can find the locations and fuse diagram here.

    Is the engine working at all?
    You have a lot of ecus on your car. To get the exact locations I have to get to my computer and can’t do that before tomorrow.
    If the keyless system is not working, I would start by trying to get communication with the Body control unit. You really have to use a diagnostic tool to solve this problem I think.

    What do you mean, did your mechanic didn’t get communication with any of the control units?

    In that case, there is probably a problem with the CAN / LIN bus system, that system is the link between all engine control units. To easiest find the one with a problem in, you should unplug one control unit at time and check if the other starts working.

    In the case that he got communication, did your mechanic get any trouble codes? Would be nice to see.

    But if you have not checked all fuse boxes for water and fuses, I would start with that.
    There are not many engine control units that are mounted very low on the vehicle. So would be nice to know how high up the water level was.

    Hope you can answer this questions and I can help you out more.

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