P0118 5.7 L Vortec motor

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I have a 5.7 liter Chevy Vortec motor out of a 96 Express van and it would start up it starts up good and runs really smooth and then it will just like start backfiring after about maybe 10 15 minutes of running and I like it’s missing really bad and I get a code sometimes I get a code 118 which is the ECT and sometimes I don’t get a code and it does the same thing when it warms up otherwise it runs great in the morning when I start it up you have any answers for me

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Hitop 4 months 1 Answer 738 views Member 0

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  1. Sellen Diagnostic Technician

    Hello Hitop

    The fault sounds really like an engine temperature sensor fault and you say that you got a fault code P0118.

    P0118 – Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Circuit – High Input

    In this case I would check the measurement/live data if I can see the temperature the coolant sensor is showing when hot.
    If you cant see it you could measure the ohm on the sensor, and then from ECU harness.
    Check the wirings.

    If it’s a GM sensor you could probably follow the ohm from this list.


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