535i GT Rear Suspension Air Pump For Experts

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I’m a Toyota mechanic.
A friend has a 2010 535i GT (F07).

The Rear Suspension Air Pump works and has pressure (blows air) (short black air line across the pump), however, the leveling valve, the one who has the two air lines (blue and red) for the two rear air spring bags, does NOT blow any air?

Any ideas?

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  1. Hello

    Try to run the solenoid off/on with the DTC tool. It’s just a magnet solenoid that should open/close
    Any trouble codes?

    You have to do a basic setting after any replacement of the rear air suspension.
    What was the fault from the beginning?

    Normally what happens in BMW’s is that the air suspension bags are leaking and the pump is killing itself and the relay.

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