Starter electrical fault Toyota Camry 93

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I have a 93 toyota camry le 2.2 4cyl 190000 miles recently the headlight switch activates the starter, won\’t start it but spins the engine, checked all the grounds I could find,no burnt wires,fuses look fine Idk

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  1. Hello vince

    Sounds like a really strange problem.

    I think you have a short in the wirings or in the ignition switch.

    Check for any corrosion or water in the fuse box.
    Try to remove the starter relay ( If your car have one ) and try again. If the fault is still there, there is a wiring fault between the relay and starter.
    Try to remove the ignition switch connector and try again and tell me the results if the starter spins anyways.

    It could also send back power from anywhere but this is a good way to try to locate the fault.

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    • no corrosion around any of the fuse or relay boxes. I unplugged the ign. sw. and tried the light sw, no fault. I found the starter relay and pulled it and tried the light sw. and no fault.

  2. In this case I should locate which pin on the ignition switch is to the starter and I would have removed ONLY the wire to starter from ignition switch, and measure the out pin on ignition switch if it gets 12 volts when you pull the headlight switch.

    If you get 12 volts on that pin, then you most likely have an faulty ignition switch 🙂

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