AC compressor died on Volvo S60

I have a 2002 Volvo s60 which the ac compressor died. the pulley wont move. is there a way to get a smaller serpentine belt and reroute it to bypass the ac compressor. if so how? and what size belt?

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  1. Yes you can reroute the serpentine belt if you do it carefully, if you change the place, you can change the rotation on some parts so it has to be done with care. You can take a string and place around and cut and see the length.

    But usually in volvos, there is a magnetic clutch on the AC pump, there are 2 wheels which one of them turns freely and once the magnetic clutch goes in, it does turn both wheels. Is none of the wheels turning? If the problem only occurs when the clutch hits, you could unplug the connector and it will work 🙂

  2. The wheel on the Ac compressor does not move.   All the other wheels move freely.   Am I able to do what you suggested?

  3. I’ll try and explain better.  the ac compressor is seized.  the wheel that the belt goes around does not move at all, and the inner part grinds when I move it which that barely moves.  So I bought a shorter belt and bypassed the ac compressor but now the battery is not holding a charge.  had the battery tested.  When I tested the voltage on the alternator it was a little under what it should be.  So I’m guessing the way I rerouted the belt its not spinning the alternator fast enough.  I’m trying to avoid buying a new ac compressor right now.   If the alternator is not spinning fast enough would that cause battery loss?

  4. Hello

    The reroute of the belt should not affect the speed of the alternator wheel. But what you can do if you reroute is wrong, is that the wheels will go backwards.

    Make sure that all of the wheels are going clockwise!

  5. Hi,  does it matter how fast the alternator spins or how the belt is gripping it?

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