Bad power stearing system noise? Nissan Almera 1.8 2004

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Hi 🙂
My Nissan Almera 1.8 2004 is making a weird noise when turning the wheel, when it has been cold started, recorded here:
It sounds a bit like “wind through a window”
The sound will disappear after a few minutes.
Is this normal, or could it be a sign that something is wrong with the power stearing system?
Help is much appreciated!
All the best

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  1. Hello

    Is the fluid level of the power steering fluid okay?
    It can be a sign of worn oil or something worse like a bad pressure pump. Do you know if the fluid is replaced anytime? Bad fluid can destroy the power steering pump.

    If you are sure that the sound comes from the power steering:

    1. Check fluid level
    2. If black/ miscoloured fluid, replace it. Take off a hose on the power steering rack and make the system empty.
    3. fill it up and start the engine and turn the wheel max to each direction for 10 seconds
    4. repeat and fill it up when necessary
    5. take it for a ride and fill it up if necessary 🙂

    If the problem is not solved then, it could be a internal damage in the pump 🙂

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