Battery light on

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battery light on. Replaced alternator and battery. Checked with voltmeter says 11.2 with blower on and off. Temps in single digits is it charging or need to replace alternator?

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  1. Hello

    What car and engine is it?

    If you can measure directly on the large B+ cable on the alternator when the car is running, what voltage do you get there? If you have 14 volt there then there is a ground problem or wiring issue.

    I have to know which car and engine it is to see how many wires the alternator have. Most likely if you remove the small plug you should have atleast one battery+ 12v and one going to the light 12volt.

    If you have all the voltage if you measure on the alternator and ground seems good, then the alternator is broken. Had seen several brand new alternators thats not working 🙂


  2. 07 honda odyssey ex-L V6. Able to get voltage of 11.2 on altenator, fuse box and at battery. With a load. But its in single digits tempature here.

  3. One of the small wires on the alternator is it Black/yellow? You have two wires right?

    If it is you should make sure that you got 12v there on ignition switch ON.

    The other wire is going to the battery light on dash.
    That two wires is probably on the same fuse in the fuse box.

    If you have over 8 volts on both of them. Then your alternator is broken if the belt is OK!

  4. One heavy wire that goes from altenator to fuze box to battery then a connector with 4 very small wires that connect on the end have no idea were those go.

  5. Measure to see if you have voltage with ignition ON in the plug with small wires on the alternator.
    If you have it then the alternator is damaged. or a ground problem between engine and chassi.

    If not you must check the fuse etc.

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