Blue Smoke 1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse

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Hello, I have a 1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse with a 1.8L non-turbo 4G37 engine. When the car has been running for over 5 minutes it starts blowing a lot of blue smoke. The longer it runs it goes through cycles where the smoke will be real thick and then there is barely any at all and then it gets thick again and then barely any again. The car runs great whether it’s smoking or not. The oil pressure is good, the idle is perfect, and the temperature is perfect as well. Compression is almost even all the way across. But if you pull out the spark plugs they are all soaked with oil. Any Thoughts? I would appreciate any you may have. Thank you.

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  1. Hello

    The first thing you should do is to check all the crankcase ventilation. A blocked crankcase ventilation will cause the engine to push oil through the piston rings and burn it.

    Next thing to do is to make a “Leak-down-test” , to see if the piston rings are leaking.

    If this is Okay, you should check if you can see the valve seals leaking into the valves

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