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3 Answers

Abs and traction control lights Altima 2012

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I have a 2012 nissan altima 2.5s. The abs and traction control lights came on. I had the codes read and the indication was the right rear speed sensor. I replaced the sensor but the lights remain on. Do i have to have the codes cleared or should the lights have gone off after replacing the part?


3 Answers

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    Most ABS modules is removing the fault codes itself if you drive above 10-20km/h for some seconds~

    There is probably still a fault in your ABS system. You can try to clear it and see if it is possible to clear at all.

    In general if you clear the fault code and it comes back directly, 1 second after, you have a wiring or sensor fault on that wheel.

    If you clear the fault code and the light comes on after you drive over 10-20km/h, you probably got a mechanical fault with the ABS ring / distance to sensor.

    So begin to clear the codes and see when/if it comes on again 🙂

    Sellen - Dec 12, 2017 |Reply

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      I went and had the code read again and then shut off. The code that came up was the same as before, right rear intermittent signal. The lights did not come back on immediately after being shut off but both the ABS and traction control lights did come back on once I got about 50 feet out of the driveway back onto the road. I had replaced both of my rear bearings/hubs in March, 2017 which were howling pretty good at the time. All seemed good until the ABS/Traction control lights came on one day while I was on the highway going roughly 65mph. That was around August/September, 2017. The guy I talked to today, who shut off the code, said the speed sensor probably wasn’t the problem and it could be that the bearing is bad and that the speed sensor is not getting what it needs from the bearing. I don’t understand how all this works so in lieu of replacing things one at a time I think I am destined to bite the bullet and take the car into the shop to get fixed. Icy snow covered roads here now and I have locked up the breaks a couple times…..

      dszalapski - Dec 13, 2017 |Reply

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    Yes there is probably a mechanical fault you have if the lights dont come directly. You have to check the ABS ring for no cracks or dirt, and the distance between the ring and sensor.
    Also check the bearing.
    The right thing to do here is to take it apart and check the ring on that side, if you have to 🙂

    Sellen - Dec 13, 2017 |Reply

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