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ESP light 2003 E240 Mercedes Benz

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I drive a 2003 E240 Mercedes Benz. The ESP/BAS light frequently comes on when driving in town. When the light comes on, the accelerator does not work and I have to park aside, switch the engine off and restart so that it goes. This happens a couple of times, especially during in town driving.

What can be the problem?


1 Answers

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    There might be a problem with an ABS sensor / ABS ring or a faulty wiring to it.
    A common problem for Mercedes is the gap between the ABS rings and sensors, it gets too big and makes this problem. If you can get them loose, you can probably adjust them a bit closer.

    Check for any trouble codes to see which sensor that is making the problem!

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Jun 05, 2018 |Reply

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