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Power steering problem after installation of hydroboost on 2003 GMC 2500HD

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Power steering and brakes were working fine but had a leak in hydroboost so installed a remanufactured one.  Before installation, i flushed the system by putting a clear hose on the old hydroboost return, running the engine, slowly pushing down on brake pedal and moving the steering wheel back and forth.  Was careful not to run all of PS fluid out of reservoir.  Would stop and add PS fluid periodically and  then restart engine and continue with flush.  Ran about 4 qt of PS fluid through with flush.  Then took old Hydroboost off and installed remanufactured one.  After install, I again flushed about a qt in order to get fluid in new hydroboost.  I had front wheels off ground so after I did the flush, I reconnected the return line, started the engine and moved the steering wheel slowly from lock to lock several times.  Turned engine off and no foaming in PS pump so put front wheels on ground and tried to drive.  Power Steering is very hard in about the middle range when brake is depressed.  I have driven the truck about 45 min. since then and the steering has gotten some better but not much.  I thought maybe there was still air in the system and that it would self bleed as I was driving but it has not improved much.  Brakes seem to work fine and PS seems to work ok when the brake is not depressed but when I step on the brake hard, it is difficult to move the steering wheel through the middle of the range.  What do I do from this point?


1 Answers

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    Seems like there is still air in the system. Have you followed these steps? Step 3, You should slowly start to turn the steering wheel just a few degrees and then go up and this process can take a lot of time. https://www.larescorp.com/tech-tips/hydroboost-system-bleeding-instructions/

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Jul 12, 2018 |Reply

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