Can I have 2 hydraulic and 2 gas struts on the same car? 2000 Infiniti i30

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i was only able to get a pair to install in the front. The gas struts 2000 Infiniti i30


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  1. Hello

    The hydrualic shock absorbers is often softer.
    Gas shocks is often sportier to drive.

    I always recommend to stick too what they built in the factory. They spent alot of hours to make a good handling for the car. 🙂

    But if you want to replace it anyways, it’s impossible to say how it’s gonna work. You have to try it out. Just try it out on a safe place so the car behave as it should when you have to do an emergency evasive with the car! Also check that the oversteering/understeering is ok 🙂


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