Can’t figure out misfire 2002 Buick lesbare

(2002 Buick lesbare custom, 3800 v6 series 2) I have a p0300 code that doesn’t effect anything at idle or mid range but once I get up to about 4000 it hesitates and slows down but continues to run fine. Until about 5000-5500 rpm and then goes flat and won’t rev and will stop me from any acceleration (my check engine light blinks). I have checked my 02 and maf sensors and looked for a vacuum leak (found one had a system bank 1 lean code before but went away after fixing vacuum). But still continues to misfire at high rpms I’m stumped and don’t know what to do or how to check the spark due to it only being high rmp. (In the video I have my foot flat the entire time)

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  1. Do you get any other trouble codes than P0300? A specific cylinder code like P0301 etc?  The ignition coils are a weak point in this engine and got some problems, You have 1 coil per 2 cylinders. So if you had a specific cylinder code I would check the ignition coil to these cylinders.

    A MAF sensor or Low fuel pressure is a possible cause if there are not any other trouble codes

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