Cant find evap canister CTS 06

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Hello mechanics! My fuel flow gets slower and slower. I was told its the evap canister. Does anyone know where its located on a 2006 CTS 2.8L specifically? Obviously it has to be around the gas tank. Cant find it.

UPDATE: now my car isnt taking any gas at all! Help!

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CadillacJunker 4 months 1 Answer 778 views Member 0

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  1. Hello cadillacjunker!

    Before we check more into where the canister is located.
    What do you mean with “fuel flow lower” is the engine not getting enought fuel? Is the engine running rought?

    More likely, your fuel filter or fuel pump that is faulty then if it does not get any fuel to the engine.
    Any Fault codes?

    The tank gases is going throught the Canister and then into the engine to clean it.
    Evaporative Emission Control System = EVAP 🙂

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