Car died kia forte 2010

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Hello I drive a 2010 kia forte. My battery in my car died and my husband replaced it today. It is 21 degrees here and I started my car and drive it immediately a couple driveways down from us. While at idle it started doing a jerking motion and trying to die. It is an automatic. Well I turned the car off and tried to start it again and it didn\’t want to start. I finally got it started again but it continued the jerking motion and the check engine light came on. I got it back home 

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  1. Hello

    Start by try to put a jumper cable between the negative terminal on battery and a good ground point at the engine and try to start it. A common problem on kia is a bad ground cable between chassi and battery.

    If that does not work you have to read the trouble codes. You can post them here and I can give you feedback 🙂

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