My car is overheating Honda Accord LX 97

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97 Honda Accord LX. Car overheating, but not constantly. Replaced the radiator cap because it was bad. Seems to be losing water, but only when it is sitting and not driving it. Overheats when its at an idle and cools as I drive it. It will be fine, and with no warning it goes from being cool to the temp guage shooting up to the red with no warning. I noticed that the fans will start to stay on after turning the car off before maybe for a day or two before the temp gauge goes up and it actually overheats

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  1. Hello

    Does it looks like its running hot in reality or it’s reading wrong from the sensor?

    Do the fans come on when the cars get hot?
    From your description it sounds more that there is a fault with an Coolant temperature sensor.
    Would be good if you could read the values from the sensors 🙂

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