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Automatic transmission coolant leak 2007 Toyota Camry

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I noticed last week that the air conditioner in my car wasn’t blowing that cold of air. So I opened up the hood and took a look. I noticed that the coolant/antifreeze was extremely low and also, there was coolant that was splatter all over the bottom of the front engine area near the radiator. I filled up the reserve with coolant and a couple of days later, checked the level again and it was low. I noticed that the bottom of the radiator was extremely wet from all the coolant leaking out and the smell of it was strong. My vehicle has not been overheating and I haven’t noticed any steam/smoke coming from the engine when driving or idling. Is the radiator getting close to being obsolete? Could there be a hose leak? Or a nut that is loose? Thanks for the help! My car has 125000 miles. My car has an automatic transmission.


1 Answers

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    There could possibly be a leak from a clamp between the radiator and the hose. I would recommend to clean it up properly and start your vehicle to build some pressure in the coolant system and check underneath if you can find the leak.

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    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Jun 05, 2018 |Reply

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