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Engine pick up problem with ac on. Suzuki, Alto Lxi, 2009, inline 4 cylinder engine

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I own a suzuki, alto Lxi, 2009, inline 4 cylinder petrol engine. The problem with my car is that when I turn on the ac of the car the pick-up of the car suddenly falls down with a small jerk. But when I put it off the pick-up is restored to normal. What could be the reason behind this problem?


1 Answers

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    There might be a problem with the AC compressor. It can also be the throttle body that is not regulating. Due to the load of the AC compressor when ON, the throttle body have to gas up the engine to not die. If that function is not working, it can make strange problems.

    1. I would recommend checking the trouble codes in both the engine control unit and the climate control unit.

    2. Clean the throttle body

    3. Engage the ac compressor and remove the serpentine belt to check if the pump is ok.

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - May 23, 2018 |Reply

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