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2018 Honda Civic Engine Temp.

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I recently brought my 2018 civic sport into Honda because I noticed that the engine never warms up to operating temperature. In fact, it barely warms up at all at idle. When I drive it, it warms up fine, but then when I stop for a few minutes, it drops alarmingly fast back down to almost nothing. Honda told me this was \”normal\” as new cars try to run \”as cold as possible.\” I know a lot about engines and I have never seen anything like it before. The car is brand new. Please advise if this is something to worry about, to me it seems to show symptoms of a stuck thermostat.


1 Answers

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    Which engine do you have?

    Usually Diesel engines are really hard to get into temp if you dont have an extra heater. Depending of where you live ofc.

    But if you saying that it drops that fast when you are idling it sounds really strange. The thermostat should be shut yes.
    I’ve never heard any complains of that fault before from new civics.

    What I would do is to ask the dealer if you can test drive another civic with the same engine and model and see if that car is doing the same.

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Jan 13, 2018 |Reply

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