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Waterpump/coolant circulation issue diagnostic. Need advice.

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Coolant circulation issue.
My vehicle overheats rapidly after turning it on and operating the gas pedals. I have noticed that there seems to be no coolant circulation, I went uphill with my vehicle, and apparently some coolant was able to flow through bringing the huge heat spike down to almost the coolest level. Amazing it happened within seconds, but after reaching level ground again my engine only continued to rise in heat.
So circulation issue, I checked thermostat, it is working well, after that diagnosing your circulation issue is pretty minimal. Clogged radiator, a bad thermostat, or a waterpump failure causing circulation issues.
I have already bought all the things required to complete a full waterpump replacement, and I was just wondering if there is any sure fire way in testing that it is in fact a waterpump failure before proceeding with replacing the waterpump?


1 Answers

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    Are you really sure that you got all the air out of the coolant system?
    It really sounds like you got air in the system after you said that the temperature went down when you were going uphill.

    What car and engine is it?

    To test this you could raise up the front of the car as much as possible, remove the coolant cap (when cold) and then rev it up a bit and fill coolant at the same time if necessary. Try to remove any air screws until it only pours out coolant from it. But the important part is to raise up the front much.
    That’s what I would test first.

    To test the water pump could be really hard without removing it. You can listen if there is any strange sounds from it and check that is axle is intact.
    You could test this if you want:
    Water pump testing

    I will write a long article about this in the near future.
    But in this case, I would make sure to 100% that it’s not air in the system.

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Jan 19, 2018 |Reply

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