Crank but not starting 2000 GMC Jimmy

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I have a 2000 GMC Jimmy. Last night the engine ligh started to blink. I turned off the engine for the night. Went out this morning to start the truck and it cranked normal but it was not kicking over then all of a sudden there was a loud clunk sound and the truck seemed to like jump and the cranking stopped. Each time I try to start the truck this happens and the truck wont start?

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  1. Hello

    Check the trouble codes.
    The large chunk could come from that the ignition is of and it fire backwards. Many possibilites, and hard to tell without a video. But checking the trouble codes is always the easiest

    If you check them you can post the trouble code number here 🙂

  2. This answer is edited.

    I hope this works. I took video to capture the sound of me trying to start my truck. I’m going to post and see if this works!

  3. ok so too big have to figure out how to cut down the recording some sorry!

  4. 2nd try to post video

  5. The easiest way is to upload it to youtube and then embeed it here 😀

  6. Oh boy ! I’ve never done that either! This should be fun, hope to get that video posted soon! Thank you for your advice. Eventually we can talk more about my car problem! lol!

  7. Ah okay, Yes it sounds that it is some trouble with the ignition ( To be lucky) 😀
    Check trouble codes


    What engine is it? 🙂

  8. Hmmmm I hope I am a lucky girl ! I have to find someone with one of those code tester thingy’s. I will work on that adventure today. Thank you!

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