cranks but not starting toyota 1rz

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my toyota 1rz efi engine was just parked and about three days we wanted to start it but couldnt start it feels it wants to start but its failing .we tried to check the oil level and found fuel smiling in the fuel we v tried to check for the spark it s ok ,can partially open valves be the cause  please help

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timothykumwenda 4 months 1 Answer 757 views Member 0

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  1. Hello timothy

    I should start with to remove the plugs and check if you have spark.

    If the spark is OK then check fuel pressure.

    If the fuel pressure is OK then check at the rpm gauge if you get any rpms at all while cranking, otherweise could be crank/hall sensor.

    If you have everything of this then tell me and I can help you more 🙂

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