Defrost 2007 VW Beetle

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My car is fogging up really bad so much that i have to wipe the windshield to be able to see. Bought a used 2007 BEETLE Volkswagen

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  1. Sellen Diagnostic Technician


    I guess you have tried to press the air recycling button on the air condition panel and tried to change the control to blow only at the front windshield.

    If this is OK:
    Check or change the cabin filter. Its cheap
    Check if its blowing anything on the windshield
    If your have AC check that its OK. The AC is not only cooling the air, it’s also removing water from it and a failed AC could give more condens and cause fog.
    Check the air recycling, you can check fault codes and look if you could find a fault code on any air flap motor!

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