Gear stucked Dodge Durango 2006

umm, I was driving my car… it was going on pretty well. sometimes it makes some jerks while shifting the gears but i ignored it. yesterday i took it to my dad’s office and it stopped them since now. it starts well no other issue but it doesn’t shift the gear from P to N or anyother. this happened before a week but it got okay itself after i shut it off for 10 mins. today it’s also showing a light of tow/haul.anyhelp please i have bought it new in really trouble 😥😣

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    The easiest and cheapest way to solve this problem is to read the trouble code memory. Because the TOW light is ON, there should be a stored trouble code which will tell you why the light is on. Guessing on damaged parts is unnecessary and it will only cost more money.
    Get it to a workshop to check the DTC code memory and you can post the code here and I’ll help you out.
    If you want to check it at home you could check out our OBD2 scanner article, but the most cheaper OBD2 scanners can only read the engine control unit, so I recommend you to let a workshop read it!

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