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Gears stop working when stuck in traffic 1.2 Fiat palio

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Good day, I have a Fiat palio 1.2 2009. I recently changed the clutch kit and my car was just never the same again. The first thing I noticed was the sound I could hear when I move up a steep from 1st gear, sounds like an old wheelbarrow . Then the car shakes a lot when I go over 80km/h. The most disturbing by far is this random thing that would just happen whenever – When I was stuck in traffic my car starts to Rev high, then soon the car won’t go into gear. I have to switch off the car for about 10 min while pumping the clutch. When I’m still stuck in the traffic I have to switch on and off my car cos it won’t stay in 1st gear and its the only way to change gears, it shakes uncontrollably and the slightest lift off the brakes makes the car jump. Once I have rested the car for a few munites it will go back to being fine till the next time when it happens again. I have had this happen about 4-5 times in the past month and a half. I have returned it to the garage so many times and when it’s there, it runs fine and they can’t find any problems. I even asked them to ride it for a week and they just cleaned the engine and gave it back. This is frustrating because it happens to me when I’m so far and alone and so randomly that I cannot say what circumstances causes the revving and gears to stop working. Please help me I can’t live like this!!!


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    The rev ups seem really strange because it should not have anything to do with the clutch.

    Do you know if the replaced the clutch release bearing when they replaced the clutch?

    Is the clutch pedal going down to the floor when the problem is happening?

    It sounds like they fitted something wrong or a problem with the clutch release bearing

    It could also be a faulty master or slave clutch cylinder that is causing the fault.

    If you got the fault after the replacement of the clutch, it’s most likely the pressure plate or release bearing that is faulty.


    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Apr 14, 2018 |Reply

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