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1998 Mitsubishi Galant ES, New battery. Starter issue??

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I have a 1998 Mitsubishi Galant ES. It had been sitting in a barn for idk how long, but still started up and ran. I drove it a half an hour trip, and then a 15 minute trip the next day before it ended up dying on me. It acted like the battery was dying while driving, but the motor ran for maybe 30 seconds and gave out. We got a jump and it died mid drive again after maybe 5 minutes. We died in front of an Advanced Auto Parts store, ao we took the battery in and it tested bad. We bought a new battery and drove home about 10 mins away. Next day, I drove about 15 min trip, and then about a half hour with stops in between with it running fine. Then another half hour drive with maybe 2 hrs of down time before we started up again and made it maybe 5 mins before acting the same way and dying. (I’ll mention that when we tried to restart the car it would maybe only make a click noise, but only sometimes. All of the lights would be on in the dash and they’d fade when turning key over.) We got another jump start, and made it 5 mins from home, getting another jump to make it home. Husband bought brand new alternator and we jumpstarted it again but only ran for maybe 5 mins before dying. From looking, all the cables appear to be intact. We are thinking about replacing the starter? We need advice on if that seems to be the issue or if it could be something else like a spark plug issue or something?? Help?!! Thanks.


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    Hello yes, It sounds like an alternator problem.
    What you first should do is to check the voltage on the vehicle when the engine is running. Measure on the battery between + and – terminals. Check between + and chassis ground, and between + on the alternator and ground on the battery.

    Measure between terminals, you should have over 13v. If you have low voltage, try to put a jumper cable between a good grounding spot on earth and a grounding spot on the chassis.
    If you read that the voltage is good. Try to start all electric consumers ( fan max speed, extra lights etc etc) and see if the car dies fast and straight away.
    If the voltage is OK, you could read the fault memory.

    Voltage >13 volts without consumers and >12v with all consumers on and the car should not die 🙂

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Mar 07, 2018 |Reply

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