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2009 Jaguar XF supercharged (FLooded in harvey) No power

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I have a 2009 jaguar xf supercharged i bought with flood damage with the intention to replace electronics in it (ECM, BCM, etc.)
The car didnt have any power to it.( nothing on odometer or any dinging noise like usual) The key was stuck in the slot and i had to disassemble it to get it out. when i put a battery on it the jaguar screen was blinking the jaguar logo every 5 secs. The front windows and sunroof worked. the door locks work. the odometer illuminates when the light switch is turned on and it dings. the start button is flashing
I have replaced the BCM ( front interior fuse box), trunk fuse box, and ECU. They were all from different XF superhargeds now the windows dont work ( nor the sunroof).
I have come to a conclusion that I think the all the BCMs (fuse boxes) and the ECM need to all be programmed to the cars VIN.
or could i just find another wrecked XF supercharged and use the ECM and BCMs from it and it would work? do i need to replace the key slot and fob or is it just stuck because the BCM cant control it?

Just thought id get someone elses view on this that has better technical experience.


3 Answers

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    Yes if the control units are coming from another car ( and the part number is the same ), you often have to do a variant coding of the vehicle.

    With a variant coding, you are telling the control units what parts the car uses ( electric windows, heated seats etc etc)

    It’s a good thing to start with. I would also remove all electric plugs that were under the water and clean it with electrical plug cleaner.

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Apr 05, 2018 |Reply

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    Hey Good evening
    So could i just buy a whole another set of ECMs and BCMs(fuse boxes) from another car that have all matching VINs? I dont see why the VIN would have to be in the ECM since the VIN is just a chassis number. Or is there something in the car that requires the VIN in the ECM. I found another XF supercharged with all the same fuse boxes. I just wanted to see if that was worth a try.

    Since the car has no power. I doubt trying to hook up a OBD2 cable with the right software would work. I doubt I would even get a signal. Is there a program a specific program that I need? I think it is called “SSD” or something.
    Please let me know.

    THANKS for the quick response BTW.

    jonathanholik - Apr 06, 2018 |Reply

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    What you normally do to make it work with a control unit replacement

    Check that the part number is the same

    Read out the variant code from the old control unit, For example 1020419, that code tells the control unit what parts and other control units that are mounted to the car.
    If the variant coding is faulty for example, it tries to connect to an electric window control unit but there is no.

    Some control units have immobilizer coding, and that’s where you have to do some deeper coding and probably only your authorized dealership.

    ECU’s like engine control unit and instrument cluster contains immobilizer, and it does not matter if you take it from a lookalike car.
    You have to reprogram the immobilizer anyways.
    The problem is in some vehicles, you can not buy used control units because the dealership can only reprogram a control unit once ( a new ). (There are some electronic repairs that can fix this for you otherwise)

    So my recommendation is to replace it to control units with the same part number and then let an authorized dealership try to reprogram the control units.
    Often workshops that do a lot of electronics repairs, can also do this procedure 🙂

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Apr 06, 2018 |Reply

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