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2010 Pontiac G6 – batter keeps draining?

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2010 Pontiac G6. Battery keeps draining. Have the car for years and never had this problem. WHen I got to lock the door there are 3 pings instead of 2, suggesting something is still on, but I’ve checked over and over and it’s none of the usual suspects, but it keeps draining. Thoughts? Something I’m missing?


1 Answers

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    A door lock that is not recognized as closed will lighten up lights and drain the power. The easiest thing to find it is to use a DTC tool and check for DTC codes.
    Then you can check Live Data to see if the value of all doors is “Closed/Open/locked”

    If you cant find any faults there you have to check DTC’s for other control units or use the old method to diagnose it properly with a multimeter.

    Remove a cable from the battery and put a multimeter with Ampere or a 5w light between, Let the car stand for 2 min and see if there is any Off-load. Remove fuse after fuse until you find the drainage.

    I will write an article about this in the close future. Be patience please 🙂

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Apr 12, 2018 |Reply

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