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A lot of fuses blown Honda accord 2000

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2000 Honda Accord. Our radio just stopped working yesterday, we’ve changed the fuse for it and it still doesn’t work. Our dome lights aren’t working and we’ve changed the fuse for that also. Our speedometer stopped working, what can we do for that? Also our windshield wipers stopped working and we’ve changed the fuse for that. We can still hear the motor in the wipers but nothing.

What could be our issue?


1 Answers

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    Because there are so many fuses blown, you should make sure that the alternator is not over-charging, check with a multimeter on the battery when the car is at idle. Also try to rev it up, it should not be over 15 volts 🙂
    it could also be a wiring problem, snapped off wires or water in the fuse box.
    You might have to let a car electrician take a look at it!

    If you can hear the wiper motor, but nothing happens, the arm to the motor probably jumped off, or the axle is snapped. You have to remove the cover in front of the windshield to locate the problem




    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Mar 21, 2018 |Reply

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