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2 Answers

Alternaror 15.5v output

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hi, i recently changes my alternator and upgraded the wires to 1/0 awg. i have a optima redtop battery and now my voltage outout from the alternator is around 15.5v at idle. why is this? ive taken the old and new alternator and had it bench tested which read 14.6. im confused.


2 Answers

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    You have to measure the small wires with a wiring diagram to your alternator. Normally you should have one ignition + and one cable to the dashboard charge light, depending on the car model. If one of these is missing, the alternator can overcharge

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - May 31, 2018 |Reply

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    on the alternator there are two wires on has an L and the other S. where is the sensor wire atached to and how do i check and see if its getting the right signal?  thank you.

    boatznm8 - Jun 01, 2018 |Reply

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