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Electrical problem 01 Gr. Prix

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Electric Question

2001 Grand Prix non-supercharged 3800 Series II automatic transmission.  Completely lost any functionality to power windows, power locks, A/C, sunroof and stereo.  All went out at the same time.  Tested all fuses checked all connections and ground wiring… Could this possibly be a relay or something else simple? I could not find any information on a source that powers any combinations of what lost all power, but I’m hoping anyone may have had the same problem and found the solution or can give me ideas on what to check out next.  Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to comment suggestions.


1 Answers

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    You have to start with one of the parts like the power window control module and make sure it got the required power supply wire and ground. The parts got LIN/CAN bus and one part can take out the other control units. If you have both power and ground to the control units, Normally you unplug one control unit after one other to see if the other control units are starting. You can also measure the CAN/LIN bus wires with a multimeter and make sure you have 2.5 volts on each of the wires when the control units are connected, if you have 0 volts, unplug the control units until you get 2.5 volts and find the affected control unit.

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Jul 09, 2018 |Reply

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