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Head light problem Buick Century 3100

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1998 Buick Century 3100 engine. Was caught in a raging rain storm with driver side window down, window does not always work. Water came in and dash board was wet. Dried off with towel. Week later headlights quit working, even with the switch pulled out. Tail light, turn signals, orange side lights and dashboard lights work. High beams only come on with flick of lever then turn off when released.

Not sure what to do because different mechanics give different answers and differing price quotes, some many hundreds of dollars. Can you give advice how to proceed. I am disabled and not able to do the work myself.


1 Answers

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    Take the apart the Headlight switch and the Headlight Dimmer switch and blow it try and check for any short. Clean all connectors to there parts and make sure the fuses are Okay.
    The problem is most likely within the headlight switch and you may still have water inside of it. If you are unlucky it could have shortened other circuits or if lucky, fuses.

    I would take that one apart first and measure with a multimeter if you have any power!
    Wiring diagram


    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Jun 10, 2018 |Reply

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