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Headlight Fault BMW 2013 F10 530I N52

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Actually i have got some troubles with my bmw headlights as i get errors for adaptive lights issues and the front turning signals are not working and after shutting the engine off and closing the car one side light ring will stay for while i have went to bmw repair shop and have contact device to the OBD socket i got this errors and nw the technicalities are confused as he asked me to replace the FRM3 and the headlights and he is not sure from that in additional the total cost will be high so my questions is their any service from your service will help me i will attached blow the car VIN and the fault codes
Car VIN: WBAFR1105DDX83929
Fault codes:
800FC8 LIN Bus,headlight drive Module (TMS), Left Communication Fault
800FC9 LIN Bus,headlight drive Module (TMS), Right Communication Fault


1 Answers

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    You do most likely have a power issue or a LIN bus issue to the headlights. You can measure the LIN bus lights with a multimeter and you should get 2.5 volts on each LIN wire with the headlights connected. If you get 0 voltage and with the headlights connected, try to remove one connector to see if the lin bus starting again. I would advise you to drive it to a good car electrician to measure the voltage, ground and LIN bus wires to the headlights. Just replace parts, in this case, should not be required if the LIN bus wire is dead, but to know it, you have to measure it.

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Jul 10, 2018 |Reply

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