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Left turn signal and hazard flasher left side doesn’t work Kia spectra

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Hi. I have a 2005 kia spectra. About a month ago my left turn signal and my left hazard signal stopped working. I have gone through a process of elimination to this point. I have checked every fuz and every bulb in regards to turn signal and hazard.I have replaced the turn signal switch. I have replaced the 4 way flasher button (hazard push butron).
I pulled all the dash apart looking for a relay. I look in Chilton and I see the relay is built into the fuse box at your left knee level. I was also told this had to be replaced. If this is the case. Where do you get this fuse box and do you have to reprogram the computer in the car. If this is not correct can you please tell me what it is causing my signal to not work. I live in new York City and to not have a turn signal is dangerous and Cops are all over ready to issue a summons please saw help me


1 Answers

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    How much car electrician skills do you have?
    I would actually start to measure the voltage.
    Check if you get 12 volts out from the PIN 12 and 11 of the BCM. Check if you have voltage in from the fuse in Pin 2. You should also be able to check if you get any voltage from the switch.kia spectra left hazard

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - May 29, 2018 |Reply

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