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Mercedes C230 horn malfunction

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2000 Mercedes Benz C 230 Kompressor:

After installing a new gear shift assembly, the horn stopped working. We’ve checked the horns themselves and installed new – fuses, relay, clock spring, but still no sound. The ECU has been checked and is fine. Where do we look next? I’m ready to buy an air horn!


1 Answers

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    I guess that you have two wires to your horn. It should just be one power and one ground. Check if you have both power and ground when pushing the horn.

    If you do not have power there, measure the horn relay to make sure it has power through pin 30 and 87. Check for power and ground on the 85 and 86 pin when pressing the horn.
    If there is no power or ground on the relays 85 and 86 when pressing the horn, there should be a problem between the horn and the relay.

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Jun 03, 2018 |Reply

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