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New Ignition Cylinder for Tundra

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2002 toyota tundra SR5 V6 3.4L my roommate (or my other 1/2) key got stuck in ignition while picking up my prescription at the store. He called me to get him and after 2 hrs. of the tow driver trying some tricks finally towed it home. Now im not trying to be under his feet while removing ignition cylinder lock, but it didnt come out like it was supposed too Of course now hes trying to drill it out, a couple days later still trying to remove it. When he went to work i went iut to tske look gearing he would damage thr housing, i piked around and in sbiut 6 min took it out. Now when trying to install new cylinder it turns from ACC to ON Sand START, but will not turn all the way left into LOCK & key will not release. What can it possibly be? Im thinking maybe When he was reattching the actual ignition that he used to start with screwdriver that maybe it wasnt quite in ACC position only my guess cause im not trying to be in his impatient way. I look things up instead. So what could be stopping key from turning left all the way? I didnt see any obstruction in the housing either. Please help im sure his mom would love her car back soon. Lol


1 Answers

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    Yes the ignition should be in the ACC position when you are installing the ignition lock. It could also be a problem inside the lock if unlucky.

    Check this and make sure that you do it in that order!


    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Jun 05, 2018 |Reply

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