Engine light Dodge Journey -12

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I currently have a 2012 Dodge journey and my check engine light came on. I ran a diagnostic test and the following came back. Throttle actuator control system sudden high airflow detected and v also circuit bank 1. Any help to define what it means and how to fix it and how much for parts and labor. Thank you in advance.

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  1. Hello sxrami3

    I could give you a more correct answer if you write the fault code numbers.

    But I guess the first fault you have is:
    P2172 Throttle Actuator Control System – Sudden High Air Flow Detected

    If thats the case I would check for intake air leaks, most likely.
    Could also be:
    manifold pressure sensor faulty
    air flow meter faulty
    throttle acuator faulty
    accelerator pedal faulty.

    But whats the number of the other fault code you had? Should be easier to locate the fault if you post it! 🙂

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  2. Thanks :),
    It could be two different faults if you are unlucky.

    But there is a small chance that the P0365 is triggering the p2172

    If you clear the fault codes, do both fault codes come back or only P0365?
    The P0365 is camshaft position sensor. Most likely the sensor but could also be the wirings to it.

    If both fault codes come back directly I would first repair the camshaft position sensor and check for air leaks, spray abit of start gas/brake cleaner around the intake and see if the idle is getting higher, then you have a leak somewhere there!
    Is the car loosing power? Could be a boost leak in pressure hoses if you have turbo.

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