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03 Regal 3800 engine dies at will, no ODB II codes.

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My son drives an 03 Buick Regal with a 3800 V6 engine and almost 200,000 miles. We got the car for him about 8 months ago and it has been excellent.  Recently he left the gas cap off the car and I noticed and replaced the cap. Later the same day the car died in traffic and it took some doing to get it cranked and back home. I have an  ODB II reader and reset a code for fuel system pressure. Since then (4 weeks) I crank the car in the driveway and it will run 3-6 minutes and die, usually to NOT start again for a day or two. No engine light or codes and the battery/starter seem fine. I have read the likely suspects from the crankshaft position sensor, MAF sensor, fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator. I’m not a true mechanic but have mostly kept my vehicles running forever so I would like to repair this.  My question; the most likely failure in your opinion, advice on troubleshooting, and any layman tricks to help isolate the problem?  From what I have read the labor to replace any of the parts seems doable, even for a 62 year old.  I’d like to fix the old car but it’s not worth thousands.  Thank you for any knowledge you can pass along!


1 Answers

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    It sounds like there is a fuel pump/filter problem, because of the recent trouble code you got and the symptoms.

    I would start to check the fuel pump relay for any cracked solder or replace it. It could also be a faulty fuel pump or wirings to it.


    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Jun 03, 2018 |Reply

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