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1997 Ford Thunderbird won’t start

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So I have a 1997 Ford Thunderbird lx V8. I recently removed and cleaned my throttle body, replaced vaccum lines and cleaned the fuel injectors. Ran fine then the “Service engine” light came on. Took it to auto zone to have the code red it said it was running to lean on both banks. Took it to a shop to get a Diagnostic and the results said insufficient egr flow, lean on both banks. Said it could be mass air flow sensor, egr valve, o2 sensor or catalytic converters so I replaced the MAF sensor and the egr gasket also the EGR pressure sensor. Then the light didn’t shut off and I took it to get the codes read and they were the same. Couple weeks later now and I’m in a parking lot in park and I turned the heat on to defrost my windshield then it died. Started it back up and it suffocated right away and died now it only cranks can’t get it to start


1 Answers

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    If the car died when you were turning on your defroster, there might be a shorted wire somewhere that blown a fuse.

    Check all fuses and then you should read the trouble code memory again to see if there are any new trouble codes stored.

    Normally if you can’t erase a trouble code, the problem is still there and there might be a problem with your EGR valve.

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Jun 01, 2018 |Reply

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