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2008 pontiac grand prix stall and no start now

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My 2008 pontiac grand prix stalled while driving in a parking lot. Now it won\’t start at all. It cranks but won\’t start. It had started fine just 5 minutes before that. I had just put in some oil (was a quart low) and trans fluid that same day. Its been sputtering at 40-50 miles per hour the past couple of months and had rough starting and idle. We checked all fuses and they are working, the fuel pump is coming on, it\’s getting gas to the engine and has adequate gas. We changed the spark plugs and still nothing. Its like its just not getting the spark to start. Could it possibly be something to do with the coil pack or wires? In not sure where to go from here.


1 Answers

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    Do you have access to a diagnostic tool?
    I think the easiest here if the fuel pump is going is to read stored fault codes.
    Check if you have spark, If not then check the data with the diagnostic tool for RPM and camshaft sync.
    If the RPM live data shows 0 you probably have a problem with crankshaft or camshaft sensor.

    Other things to check with live data:
    Coolant temperature
    Manifold pressure (should be 1000mbr at ignition on)
    Intake temperature

    Sellen - Dec 15, 2017 |Reply

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