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318/ 5.7dodge engine in a 2002 1500 quad

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I have a 2001 1500 single cab with a low mileage engine 5.7/318 v8 automatic transmission.  It’s a great running motor.  Just not enough room for the kids,  and body is a little beat up.  I just bought a 2002 Dodge quad cab 4.7 v8 clean body and interior,  motor is gone,  they ran it out of oil.  I only paid $200 for it so I can’t loose.  Although the hope is that I can put the engine out of the 2001 in it with out spending a lot or having to change out everything.  My question is can I pull the engines and put mine in the quad cab, will it match up? Or is gonna be a big expensive job,  not worth the trouble?


2 Answers

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    Normally replacing engines in modern cars is a tough job. It’s not impossible but it’s not easy. Normally you need to move the engine control unit and harness from the other engine also, and if you replace it with another engine control unit, you have to get a new connector and get that engine control unit to work together with the other computers in your car.

    You can do it if you have some knowledge about car electronics and get a wiring diagram for both of the engines.

    One of these threads might help you out:

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Jun 01, 2018 |Reply

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    Let me apologize,  it was supposed to say 5.2 318 engine. I do have some car smarts,  I’ve replaced a view engines and normally do all my own vehicle repairs.  My Dad retired now, was a mechanic.  I’ve had a few people tell me that pretty much the two would interchange easily. Then I’ve had a few say I’d be getting into a big mess.  So before tearing the two down,  I would like to get some more advice, from someone who knows. Thanks,  I really do appreciate any help.

    Hbs..dodge - Jun 01, 2018 |Reply

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