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Broken engine mount Dodge Grand Caravan

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we recently had the 2 catalytic converters replaced in our 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan. It was determined that it needed replacing by using the computer to get the code. When we picked it up, it was making loud noises when we backed up, sometimes while driving and really loud and consistent when it rained. I could not exceed 40 MPH at times  We brought it back and we were told it was”something stupid”. It was still making the noises.  We took it back again and it is still loud while backing up. Now they said it could be a broken engine mount. Could this have been broken when they did he catalytic converters??  There were NO NOISES prior to having this work done.

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1 Answers

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    If it happened after the catalytic converter replacement, it is most likely an exhaust pipe that is too close to the body and rattling. However, if it was directly after the replacement, they should fix it!

    And I doubt that an engine mount got worn out directly after the replacement, if so, they may damage it.

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - May 27, 2018 |Reply

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