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5 Answers

Cam sensor 2006 chevy cobalt 2.2

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I have a 2006 chevy cobalt 2.2..had 1133 code and p0340 code(o2 sensor and camshaft sensor)replaced the o2 and this car does not have a cam sensor..I replaced the crankshaft sensor..cleared codes and it came right back..put a new ICM on and cleared codes,drove for 100 miles and had no problem..34 mpg no hesitations..shut car off and 1133 went away but 0340 code still there..any suggestions?


5 Answers

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    Are you really sure that your cat does not have a camshaft sensor?
    Check this place to make sure.

    The P0340 code is often set at startups due to a problem in the camshaft sensor 🙂

    cobalt 2.2 camshaft sensor

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Apr 01, 2018 |Reply

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    There is not anything there,I had 2 mechanics looking in the same spot and then was told that the 2.2 has the cam sensor in the ICM,A friend of mine has the same motor in his saturn and looked for it too..

    KJO - Apr 01, 2018 |Reply

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    Okay I understand.

    If you are really sure that there is not a camshaft sensor. The system uses the ICM to detect “Fakes” the camshaft signal.

    The ICM requires more voltage to fire the spark plug at the compression stroke, and by that way, it can feel where the engine is instead of a camshaft sensor. So it’s only simulating a camshaft sensor.

    This means, if there is any wrong with the ignition, it could trigger the P0430 code
    I’m not 100% sure of this engine, but the most engines use the cylinder 1 or 4 to detect the signal.

    Check/Replace spark plugs, damaged cables.

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Apr 01, 2018 |Reply

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    I put new plugs and boots and coil pack,the funny thing is,if I clear code by disconnecting battery the car will run awesome ,did that and drove 100 miles and no engine light or hesitation at all..start back up and it comes on within 100 feet of driving,just wondering if ECM is going bad and not keeping new info with new parts.

    KJO - Apr 01, 2018 |Reply

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    Check the grounding cable between the engine and chassis to make sure its good.

    This problem could occur on startups due to low voltage at the startup moment when the starter is turning the starter.

    Is the battery good?

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Apr 02, 2018 |Reply

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